Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's Officially Summer!

And the pool is out!

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

I won't be going on holiday this year, but I must admit with the fabulous weather and a 3m x 3m inflatable pool on my terrasse, I'm contented with what this summer will bring.

Today I actually did feel like I was on holiday. You know that calmness that descends on the world on a Sunday? Coupled with beautiful sunshine and the splish sploshing of Tiana in the pool I could almost have been on the French Riviera!

I also love Summertime for chilling in the shade a reading a good book. I can devour a book a day if I'm left in peace! My mum brought me lots of Englsih books with her, and I've just finished The Paris Wife today.

The Paris Wife

It's the story of Ernest Hemingway's frist wife, Hadley Richardson, who has become to be known in history as The Paris Wife. Semi-biographical and semi-fiction, a fabulous read into the mind of the woman who made Ernest who he became. A must read in my book!

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