Monday, 26 January 2015

Why am I a Contented Person?

Mind Over Matter

Growing up my parents gave me two important life lessons "mind over matter" and "just do it".

Let me elaborate, I have a big assignment due in on Wedsnesday but why aren't I stressed?

My Dad was forever saying it's mind over matter, he didn't necessarily always practise what he was preaching but it certainly left a mark on me. It's all in my head. If I convince myself I'm stresed then I will be, so obviously it works the other way round. My Mum is a great believer in just doing things. You waste more time and energy obsessing over the never ending to do list than if you just get off your arse and do it!

This mornng I dropped Tiana off at school and came home determined to finish my assignment. But my brain had other plans. In the back of my mind I couldn't switch off the washing up that needed doing and the floors needed sweeping and the million other niggling little things that need doing.

So instead of pushing on half concentrating I got up and did all the little things. I put a load of washing on, did the washing up, swept the floors, got some bits out of the freezer and googled a recipe find for tonight's tea, I dealt with the mail (there's always paperwork to do in France!), had some boiled eggs and soldiers, had a cup of tea and watched an episode of My Family on BBC (after ten years I finally have English telly!), then thought about writing this blog post, so I wrote it.

I'm now going to have a shower and do my hair, make up and nails. Then make myself some lunch, put the washing in the dryer. By this afternoon all my niggly things will be done and I will be able to get into the zone of writing my assignment.

I put my mind over matter and just did it.

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