Thursday, 8 January 2015

Yet another sad day ...

Yesterday was not the first terrorist attack in France and I'm sorry to say it won't be the last. My heart goes out to the families of the victimes and I hope everyone will respect their privacy in their time of grief.

As a partner of a muslim I suppose this affects my life a little bit more than others. Will their be reprisals? Will muslim hatred be fueled as it was in the UK in 2005? I hope I can safely say that I don't think that will happen in France. The French muslim community have spoken against the Islamic State from the beginning, stating loud and clear these people are not muslims and do not stand for Islam. There is nothing worse than tarring everyone with the same brush.

not in my name
Islam is not terrorism. Islam is love and respect.
The saddest thing about the situation in the world today is that it is the West's fault. Our policticians have been greedy, have sold arms in the millions to these people, have sat back and let the Middle East be repressed only to intervene when their interests were compromised. We have been no better, we voted them in, we let them do it.

There are over 1200 young French muslims currently fighting in Syria because they are a lost generation. Teenagers in the midst of their angst being picked up by brain washers and simply evil people. Governments reactions have been to refuse their return, leaving them once against abandonned. Why aren't we fighting to bring these children home?

Children fighting in Syria

We all have a responsibility to help end this. France took a stand last night as 35 000 people descended on the Place de la Republique in Paris. Every creed, every religion stood together against the barbaric regime.

Place de la Republique

Social media filled with Je Suis Charlie profile pictures to show their support in fighting for free speech.

Je suis charlie

Support from around the world flooded Facebook and Twitter

Today we are all French

I can only hope in a world where everything moves too fast, that this time we won't forget in the blink of an eye. That this is the wake up call we need to stand together, right the wrongs of the past ... saying I'm sorry can go a long way ... and create a safer united world.

I will leave you with this thought ... I can't see any differences ... can you?

Indian Family of Four

White Family of Four

Black Family of Four

Chinese Family of Four

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