Tuesday, 30 September 2014

You've got to admit, they're ballsy

This year is the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 and so the TV here has been inundated with documentaries about the period. And I found out an amazing fact that just made me laugh out loud, it sums the French up perfectly. The French army uniform in WW1 was still the bright red and blue of the Napoleon army. We are so used to seeing black and white images that this little fact has been lost through history, until recently when new technology has been able to bring colour back to those black and white images.

French Uniforms WW1

The brown drab ones are the English! But just look at those jolly colours and how they must have stuck out like sore thumbs in the trenches. When the French saw, or rather didn't see, the Germans in their green camoflage they were appalled at the sneakiness and believed the Germans to be completely undignified and cowardly in this new war etiquette. They stood up proudly in their flashy uniforms and showed they were French and f**k everyone else. Millions of them were killed because they stood out too much and by WW2 they'd learnt their lesson and were in the green camoflage like everybody else. But still, you've got to admire their audacity!

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