Monday, 29 September 2014

As Stuffed as a Goose, Going on a Meat Strike!

As Stuffed as a Goose, Going on a Meat Strike!
The thing about living with an African is that meat is a must for every meal. Since we moved in together I have eaten more beef and sauces than I had in my whole life! And even though I buy fresh and good healthy ingredients, the latherings of sauce, the mounds of rice and the chunks of meat have stuffed me to my limit, and I wonder why I can't lose any weight!

Bad doesn't understand what the problem is. I mean look at him


He is naturally svelt and look at the helping on his plate, and yes he will go back for seconds! Plus meat costs a fortune, it's my biggest monthly expense second from my rent!

So as he is only coming home on weekends since starting his training, I'm going to make the most of his absence and go on a meat strike.

With a beautiful market on my doorstep twice and week selling gorgeous fruit and vegetables, I'm swapping meat for good fresh from the fields veg, fish & seafood. There are two fishmongers in the town centre, something that was sorely lacking where I used to live.

Yep, I'm saying goodbye to meat and I'm going to buy myself some new clothes with the money I won't be spending on meat and hopefully they will be a couple of dress sizes smaller!

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