Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Why Wealth Disgusts Me

When I look at the world today I can see the progress we've made, but what stands out the most is how little we've changed socially. The rich are still too rich and the poor still too poor.

We all take for granted this fantastic household item


If you've ever had your water cut off, even just for a couple of hours, you quickly realise how much we use water. You need it for drinking, cooking, your washing, to wash yourself, brush your teeth, the toilet, cleaning ... the list is endless.

Not following me, here's my point...

In Niger alone 11,000 wells are needed for the entire population to have access to clean water. The average cost of these wells ranges from $500 for a simple well able to provide 250 people with clean water to $125.000 for 6000 people.

The financial status of Niger means that the government can only fund 10% of these wells, meaning only 1100 wells can be installed.

Women and girls walk between 4-6 miles a day in search of water, and when they find it, it is more often than not contaminated. The task is so labourous that most girls don't go to school in order to help their mothers fetch the water, leaving millions of women and girls illiterate and left in the vicious cycle of extreme poverty.

When wells are installed, girls go to school ensuring that the next generation has a chance to get out of extreme poverty. Child mortality drops by 65%. Water borne diseases are eliminated by 99.9%.

Now let's look at Kim Kardashian's engagement ring

Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring

This baby was bought for a whopping $5 million.

With that $5 million plus the cost of her wedding ring and the wedding itself, Kim Kardashian could have solved Niger's water problem. Changing millions of peoples lives. Her family's wealth combined could solve most of Africa's water problem. Now imagine if every millionaire in the world stopped buying those diamond necklaces & stocking half a million $ cars in their garages to never be driven. Holding galas that cost thousands not including the expense put into the dresses, jewelery and accesories that the Ladies Who Lunch put into their outfits for these events that in the end only raise a few hundred thousand dollars. Imagine within a day how much money could be raised and how quickly world poverty could be irradicated.

It saddens me that in 2014 that this still exists

Starving Children

When we have people who can live like this

Beverly Hills Mansion
Beverly Hills Mansion

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