Friday, 23 May 2014

Fancy a Kebab Anyone?

Imagine even thinking of asking this question at any other time of the day in the UK than 3am when you're falling out of a nightclub and the taxi rank is huge? Well in France these babies are everywhere and people eat them sober and even for their lunch during work hours!

But don't worry they aren't the sloppy, don't even know what animal that came from donner kebabs of the boozing life of the British. In France they are very simple and delicious meat sandwiches. And cheap! 5€ fixed price all over for the huge sandwich, side of chips and a drink. And they actually look like they do in the picture!



They are more commonly called Grecs (meaning Greek, even though the majority of the restaurants are run by the Turkish, I suppose it's close enough!). They are the French's favourite takeaway, and if you go to a good one, they are nowhere near as greasy or fatty as a British Indian or Chinese takeaway.

I am a fan, Tiana loves them and Bad always orders two!

And watch this space Brits, a young entrepreneur has opened up a chain modeled on the McDonald concept called Nabab (love the name!)



They've even opened up their first drive-thru restaurant


I must add I'm not in any way an advocat for junk food, but once in a blue moon, treat yourself! However, I think I'll stick with my local Kebaby, he's a lovely bloke and he's not a faceless coporation.

Keeping my local shopkeeper's alive in the good French tradition but with a Greek sandwich!

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