Friday, 16 May 2014

The Gold Cube

Kub Or

These little stock cubes, Kub Or (literally Gold Cube), have gradually worked their way into my monthly shopping list as a must. It is used in all African cooking and it seems to be vital to giving the dishes their "je ne sais quoi" taste. It's hard to describe it's flavour. My Mum likened it to a sort of curry flavour, but even that's not hitting the nail quite on the head.

It is even rumoured that the women in Cameroon put these little cubes up their derrières to give them fuller bottoms!

The dishes are then often served with a bottle of Maggi Sauce on the table that everyone seems to enjoy lashings of on top of the already delicious food.

Maggi Sauce

Now they've even brought out the Kub Or with Herbes de Provence to give them that little French twist!

Kub Or Herbes de Provence

A definate 5* recommendation to the adventurous palette.

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