Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Phone Home for Free

One of the things I found amazing when I got my first apartment in France was the phone companies free international calls included in every one of their offers. I was paying at the time 40€ a month for broadband, over 200 TV channels and free calls nationally and internationally. Bargain! The UK has caught on since and I know SKY and Virigin offer similiar deals. But when it comes to nattering for free or next to nothing the French are miles ahead.


The company ironically named Free, have been driving these prices down even further over the last few years. Offering completely unlimited calls to national landlines & mobiles AND international landlines included in their 25.99€ a month subscription. Then wowing the French population by bringing out the first mobile contract to offer exactly the same for only 19.99€ a month! I currently have a contract that gives me 2 hours calls and unlimited text messages for ... wait for it ....... 2€ a month!

I will always give credit where it's due. Well done Free!

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